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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  February 25, 2014 1:07am-1:43am PST

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>> developing news tonight bay area doctors are stumped.
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>> 5 local children are now paralyzed. sometimes with within hours of come down with mysterious polio like illness. >> good evening. >> i'm in for carolyn. the number of sick children could be as high as 20. >> lillian has the story now from lucille packard children hospital. >> we call her to make sure it's still part of her body. >> 4-year-old left arm is paralyze. parents say she's coping remarkably well. but does have some tough moments. >> when we good to the park and just can see like the little kid goes to the park and loves to climb and there's certain things she can't do when she's there. >>reporter: sophia is one of 5 bay area children who has come down with rare polio like illness over the past 18 month months. researchers say her case is mild. some other children ages 2 to 16 are paralyze in more than one limb. >> close close suspicion this is a virus but that's unproven. >>reporter: the doctor of
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lucille packard children hospital have been working on identifying the cause. >> prognosis we have seen so far is not good. most of the children we have seen have not recovered. use of the arm or leg. >>reporter: researchers say they are not trying to scare anyone. and em if a sition the cases are extremely rare. but they do want to get the word out. in addition to the 5 confirm cases they are investigating 15 others. researchers say some children first show symptoms of the common cold. >> as for sophia odds are she will never regain use of the arm sobering thought sweet little girl from berkeley displaying maturity far beyond her years. >> she just told me all we need is love. >>reporter: palo alto, abc 7 news. >> sweet. new warning to pet owner ins san francisco tonight. tainted meat ball could put them in danger and now found in another neighborhood. first turned up in twin peak on crest line and now found attica bring 0in
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richmond. cornell is there live tonight with the story. cornell? >> dan, police don't know if the 2 cases are connected but folk in richmond are and upset l possibly tainted found on this sidewalk over the weekend mark miller and cleo are out for an evening walk on la play where meat ball were found sunday night not the news he wanted to hear. >> some folk don't like animal but you don't injury or kill them. worse young children may find it and indulge worse. be even worse. >>reporter: animal care control don't know yet if they are poison. also found this large piece of raw meat nearby. >> stick his head in a bush and come without a chicken bone. he would have a meat ball down in a heart beat. >>reporter: discovery comes just days after 32 meat ball suspected to be taint idea found near twin peak on cress line and park ridge. signs warning the public can be seen
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everywhere. same spot where hundreds of poison balls found last summer. one dog died aerse sicken. linda just adopted her 2 dogs yesterday. >> i think it's somebody who hates animal and somebody loca local. >> until suspect caught animal officials give this warning to pet owners near twin peak and the richmond. >> if the dog does pick something up and starts to consume i wouldn't waste time. take the dog directly to a veterinarian. >> suspected meat ball isn't to uc davis for testing. this is 7 news. >> count down on. strong storm is barreling toward the bay area with another right behind it. here's live look from close close roof cam. clear now that will change. sandhya is here with live doppler 7hd. >> yes. winter is going to return to the bay area. let me show you live doppler 7hd and talk about what is happening rate now. we have low clouds and fog along the coast. that's what you have to watch out for. the rid arrest on
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mount saint helena close close rid after tracking 2 storms. look at the first welcome back. this is a classic winter storm. it hits wednesday. the second storm quickly behind it on friday and i do want to show you just how much rain with the first system. 1 to 3 inches north bay mountains. south by mountains 1 to 2 inches. lower elevation half inch to inch of rain. that's just with the first system. i'll be become to tell you all about snow coming to the sierra and gusty winds her in the bay area in a few minutes. >> okay thank you. >> huge fire in san francisco destroyed maintenance garage for luxor cab company today. started just before noon in the bay view district. fire sent out plume of smoke that just dominated the sky line. it could be seen from the east ba bay. we see the smoke and flames ripping through that building. because of hazardous material neighboring businesses were evacuated. the fire destroyed several cars but we can tell you thankfully nobody was hurt. >> teenager counselor in the
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south bay is accused tonight of luring 2 girls into prostitution. story you see only on 7 news. justin crutchfield was pier counselor for minor and young adults. investigators say he used his position to gain their trust 15 and 17-year-old victims. 2 grls. crutchfield worked for the santa clara valley mental health department. calls to the department were not returned. second man tolliver also faces charges in this cas case. >> 2500 people packed up the stadium to pay respect to 2 chp officers killed in the lean of duty. today memorial for officers gonzalez and law began with march by the color guard. they stood by the officer caskets. ing the service. family friends were joined by the governor and the chp commissioner. he told the crowd this is the human spirit at its very finest. officers were killed in a crash week ago while respond to go an acciden accident. >> business owner faces charges
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tonight accused of mastermin masterminding violent attack on former employee. pittsburgh police say joseph moses was upset over labor dispute settlement and tried to hire a hit man to disfigure that former employee. moses is currently in jill on 1.5 million dollar bail. he's the owner of monoenterprise in antioch plastic lawm number company. >> apple your honoring arizona governor to veto a controversial religious freedom bill. the will you would allow companys to discriminate against the lgbt community-based on religious beliefs. apple talked to governor brewer today saying it would have a damaging effect on the state. now apple has interest in arizona after agreeing to build a manufacturing facility there. the ceo for american airlines also took a stand saying tourism and business would suffer greatly. brewer has until friday to decide. >> new at 11:00. miley cyrus brought her bangerz concert tour to the bay area tonight and fans are getting an eye
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full. excited fans stream into the arena tonight. but the concert faces criticism from parents who say it's sexually explicit. fans defend the behavior some parents at tonight concert say they are concerned. >> doesn't mean that they are not cop fronted with that at school but we don't aproof of. that we talk to close close kids bit. >> she goes out and does what she is going to do no matter what people say about her i admire that. to me it's not right but it's entertainment. i'm not going to good home and start twerking or dressing half naked. >>reporter: this is a cyrus music video posted on you tube. she's scheduled to perform in san joseiac killer >> zodiac killer terrorize bay area and taunted police. now decades later finally may know who is behind the murders. >> dan is here with the story you see only on 7 news. >>reporter: i spoke with man who claims he knew the zodiac killer. he says his friend was hyped the murder letter
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everything. how can he be so sure. simple. his best friend confessed to it all. >> and smiles turn to screams in just sechblingtdz the moment that deck collapses under family caught on camera. but first here's "jimmy kimmel live". >> here's some of the magic that is waiting for you. >> do you want to come around here. >> no i don't want to ticht. i don't want any part of this don't want any part of this feel the skin. hey! have you ever tried honey nut cheerios?
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♪ hey! must be the honey! >> he's the one who got await a minute zodiac killer terrorize the bay area in the late 60's and early 70's. >> now nearly 45 years later
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the crimes are still unsolved. dan is here and there's one tip in particular that police may want to pay more attention to. >>reporter: yes i think so. local law enforcement still 7 about 1 tip a weak on the case. and now a man from new york tells me he knows who the zodiac is because the killer confessed to him. we have learned both napa county sheriff's and san francisco police have placed this new police have placed this new name on the list of suspects. the investigators have tied the same man zodiac to 5 murder ins 1968 and 69. he september cryptic messages to local newspapers taunting police about the inability to arrest him. december 1968 2 teens killed open lake herman road in benetia. >> 2 women's were ordered out of the car an shot. >>reporter: july 1969. couple shot while parked at blue rock springs park in vallejo.
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female victim died. male survived. >> this guy just literally shot the two kids to pieces. >>reporter: september 1969. mask man stab 2 people in napa county killing one of them. >> we wanted administer first aid but no place to give first aid. >>reporter: october 1969 san francisco cab driver shot and killed. days later a local paper received a letter from the zodiac claiming responsibility for the murder along with piece of bloody piecy shirt. >> handwriting analysis of letter indicates the writer is the same man who committed 5 murder. >>reporter: over the past 45 years police have investigated and cleared more than 2500 suspects. and the tips keep come. including the one from randy kenny upstate new york. says i killed some people. i'm the gay they are looking for. looking for me for over 30 years. i'm the guy zodiac killer. >>reporter: kenny tells the i team best friend louie myers confessed in april 2001. after
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doctors told him he was dying from cirrhosis of the liver. kenny says myers asked him to wait until after he died to tell authorities. and that he wanted kenny to write a book with proceedsoing to the going e victim family. myers died in may 2,000 2 and kenny spent years trying to get police to listen. >> i really truly feel that louie was 100 percent honest with me that day. >>reporter: myers lived in vallejo from 1965 to 1971. and he told kenny the reason he became a killer at the age of 17. >> girl he broke up with. and that's why he went to these shooting, that's what the deal was with the kim. >> myers has interesting circumstantial connections to the crimes. no. 1. >> went to school with the kid. >>reporter: myers wept to beth vallejo and hogan high schools. he could have known first zodiac victim david and betty. no. 2. >> he worked in the restaurant with a waitresses. >>reporter: kenny says louie worked at bus boy at terri restaurant in vallejo. so did
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zodiac victim darr leap. no. 3. >> began to see a distinctive footprint. >>reporter: military style boot print was found at the lake crime scene. myers father worked on the island and access to this type of boot. we are told louie briefly work at victory military surnews vallejo. myers didn't know san francisco cab driver pall stichbility he was just robbing the cab driver. >>reporter: he told you that. >> yes that was just for drug money. >>reporter: myers got in trouble with vallejo police unrelited to the zodiac murder. disorderly conduct theft and possession of stolen property. >> he was a good guy. >>reporter: bob was childhood friend with louie in vallejo but stopped hanging out with him after myers started getting arrested that. got louie in big trouble. the way he qut out was he wept in the army. >>reporter: military record show myers station in germany between june 1971 and january '73. coincidentally the zodiac didn't send any letters during
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that time. after the army myers moved back to new york and became a long hall trucker making runs back to the bay area. he says myers also confessed to him in 1976. >> that was the time that he told me that he was zodiac. >>reporter: he didn't believe myers at the time. he has changed his mind now. >> it freaked me out for a second and i pushed it aside we never talked about it again. >> he could have been just a nut job dilution of being a serial killer. l. >> possible tishtion 2 retired cops who responded to zodiac crime scene skeptical a teenager could have pulled off the attack and meier doesn't seem to fit witness subscription including surveying victim. >> this picture of myers guy doesn't to me doesn't look anything like what michael described. >>reporter: former officers believe the louie mivrs tip is credible enough to pursue. especially if they can come up with new evidence that actually
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ties them to the crimes. >> suspect keep certain items they use in homicide. knife. the gun. the hood. >>reporter: those are items kenny hasn't seen and doesn't have. >> i have already talked to san francisco and that's what they want. is the smoking gun. i don't have it. >> all law enforcement agency investigating zodiac did he children to be interview on camera because it's an open investigation. we spoke over the phone with some of meier family members. there's some who said no way he was a kille killer. the daughter would like a final answer on this. more on what myers told his friend about the crime on our web site. >> fascinating. >> after so long. >> yes thank you. >> well terrifying moment for indiana family. deck they were standing on collapsed as they pose for a picture look at this. all caught on camera. 2 dozen people fell fan feet crashing to the cement below.
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this happened late last year and video of this accident is just now being released. 3 people were hurt seriously. they are still not walking. family now suing the deck builder. count down to rain in the bay area is on. >> yes it's coming just 2 days from now on wednesday. you can track it on your smart phone any time with the abc 7 news weather app. >> sandhya has the details. she's here now with live doppler 7hd. >> hi. live doppler 7hd gets busy tracking 2 storps this weekth. right notice just watching some low clouds and fogal the coast. i show you a live picture right now from the view the towercam. see the fog there over market street downtown san francisco. 51 there. oakland 52. temperatures pretty comfortable around san jose. mid 50's tomorrow morning this is what you have to deal with as we look towards the transamerica pyramid. fog and low cloud. upper 40's santa rosa, napa fairfield and 51 currently in livermore and here's view looking at the port of oakland
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from emeryville camera. fuzzy there. visibility might be poor in spots. plan accordin accordingly. wet windy for your wednesday a chance of thunderstorms wednesday night and another rainy day follows on friday. so here's a look at the set up. high pressure today provided us with slight warm day. spring like conditions. that's all going away slowly one more take tomorrow. storm no. 1 on wednesday. classic winter storm. risk associated with it moderate risk of your been flooding. wind damage creekthug slight. hazardous driving conditions for wednesday evening rush hour also going into thursday morning commute. storm no. 2 hits friday. storm system right now looks like most of the energy is going to head to the south. so here's a look at the computer animation 10:00 a.m. wed. northd be a lf light rain around the peninsula san francisco east bay. 1:00 p.m. lack tehran. shifted a little bit to the north. and around the santa cruz mountains
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at 4:00 p.m. very moderate to heavy rain showing up here. could be some thunderstorms during the evening rush hour. hazardous driving conditions will continue then scattered showers 5:00 a.m. start of the rush hour on thursday. showers lifting out of here by 10:00 a.m. thursday. this is going to translate that snow in the sierra nevada right now at the crest 12 to 18 inches. lake level thursday afternoon. 3 to 6 inches. snow level will be dropping to about 4000 feet. come around friday. so things changing. gusty wind in the by area. 10:00 a.m. wednesday. 30 to 35 miles an hour. watch the winds ramp up to 51 miles an hour at point reyes mid 40'se evening rush hour on wednesday. it's dicey for the drive. wind gust continue thursday am but top ering off as you notice to the morning hours. bigger story here is a colder storm on friday. heaviest rain is shifting south santa cruz mountains down to los angeles this is going to be the colder storm due in friday going in
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saturday. tomorrow morning watch out for the fog. temperatures will be in the 40's and as we head toward tomorrow afternoon mild day but not as warm as today. we go low 60's to low 70's. accu-weather 7 day forecast wet windy for your wednesday. showers thursday. rain wind on friday with the ska erred showers on saturday. i don't think we have seen accu-weatheri know some people are doubtful, won't say name. >> he'll say were you right later. >> thanks very much. >> all right time to turn to sports guy on the other end. >> larry. >> i don't know where this is coming from. i really don't. >> out of left field. >> he's 35 years old and aging like a fine wean. o'neal. another big night for the warriors. sports is next
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totino's pizza rolls gets you there in just 60 seconds. >> good evening. they have been hot. cold. side ways but here are the warriors now. season high 13 games over 500. suddenly riding 4 game winning streak. tonight in detroit. andrew back in the line up after 7 game ab sequence shoulder injury. and here he is. curry. streaking with tom son. attacking the rim. 19 for clay. late second quarter big to big. if goes for 16 and 10 here. he has been invaluable as of late. third quarter pistons with the steal. jennings. monroe with authority. 23 from monroe. close game. warriors close it out late. clay 19 points. 104 -96 warriors 4 and o since the
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all star break. nfl news owner york tried to clarify what is becoming embarrassing teeth behind the curtain of 49ers management. york told the bee that yes there was a conversation with cleveland about possibly trading coach harbaugh to the browns. this after first saying on twitter there was no truth to that report at all. york said it was a brief conversation. but the fact that it was considered at all tells you harbaugh york and the gm trnt do have some issues to resolve and really makes you seriously wonder how long jim wears red and gold. why the collision at the plate may soon be history that's may soon be history that's next.
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ago giants went on crusade to eliminate the home plate collision and it's worked. baseball adopted one year experimental plan that ban most home plate collision. he had it breaken on this play with the marlins. and growing concern of concussion and it prevents runners from deliberately trying to the to te crash into the catcher to dislodge the ball. >> wild finish new york. in and out and down for dirk. mavs win ugliest game winner of the life. carmello 44 and lasting effort. sit court side dude in new orleans front row double fisting the beer when things go wrong. his behind quarters end up in his lap. and now he is flat out mess. not to mention tl out mine us two beer but smell like everybody else on bourbon street. this is river rock casino.
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>> that's a bumper thanks. >> thank you. all right we'll be right back but first 7 is the only place to see the oscars live this sunday. we give away free movie ticket for whole year through close close facebook page to celebrate the academy awards there will be 7 winners for the first one announced to. all you have to do to enter is lake us at this web site then fill out the entry form so that we know how to get in touch with you if you win. and remember you have 7 chances to win if you enter today at slash abc 7 news. slash abc 7 news. we'll be right delicious, but say i press a few out flat, add some beef, sloppy joe sauce and cheese, fold it all up and boom! delicious unsloppy joes perfect for a school night.
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